Uni Student Stereotypes

The Arts Student

The arts student is usually seen walking around campus in vintage clothing, carrying a ‘Penguin Classics’ novel or a paperback. Occasionally involved in heated discussions with friends, perhaps about their differing interpretations of the films of David Lynch, the arts student is usually very opinionated, talkative and sociable. The lack of tutorial work, readings and exams from their subjects makes it prone to their proliferation across campus cafes and social spaces, trying to ‘study’.

The Economics and Business Student

The economics and business student is usually seen sporting a business suit, rushing to their tutorials during their breaks from their full time jobs or graduate company internships (though skipping all their lectures).

Those who are able to score an internship at the ‘Big Four’ may be seen laughing evilly as they count their money, plotting ways to make more. More than eager to show off their finances, other business students will equate with them in lunacy, demonstrating that university has, at least, taught them how to distinguish between a ten and a twenty.

The Engineering and IT Student

Mornings are not the best time for IT students who will forever succeed at looking like zombies and vampires coming out of Japanese horror films; you’ll usually find IT students up until 3am, in front of a familiar glow emitted from their computer screen, leaking out of their room. It is suspected that most have Internet Addiction Disorder and though these students are great “problem-solvers”, they will appear somewhat socially inept in comparison to others. With a preference to be contacted through popular instant messaging services and social networking services such as MSN, Twitter and Facebook, the best way to tell whether one majors in IT is to see whether they have a tendency to say “LOL, ttyl, brb and GG” IRL. Their hobbies include (and are limited to) playing WOW, Starcraft and Counterstrike, skimming through dodgy websites to find cheats and skimming through other dodgy websites to find keys to unlock virus programs to remove viruses received from aforementioned dodgy websites *breathes*.

Reddit anyone?

Exhausted and overworked, the engineering student is usually functioning on Mi Goreng noodles and cans of V. Though proud of what they’re studying, you will find most complaining about being trapped in a “sausage farm” (IT students don’t feel this way as most are married to their computers) hence many resort to Manning bar for female company, trying to impress girls by disassembling some sort of electronic equipment before muttering a pick-up line like “you fascinate me more than the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus”.

The Law Student

Competitive, analytical and snobbish, law students are usually found in the new law school café, taking a break from their readings. With a tendency to debate over their interpretations of various cases, a typical law student will argue firmly to stand their ground. Some have the gift of being powerfully convincing but those who aren’t will threaten to sue you unless you take their side and agree with them, before praising them for their genius and good looks.

The Music Student

Always eager and ready to perform to audiences the sonatas of Mozart and the nocturnes of Chopin, the music student indulges in music practice and the occasional karaoke session for hours on end. Rather than the top ten singles and current music hits, music students prefer classical music and the joys of being able to distinguish between all the different instruments involved. Passionate in protesting against the illegal downloading of music, they usually purchase and have enough music CDs to open up a library.

You know you have friends from the music faculty when this happens to you

The Science Student

Unlike the rest of us, science students will appear interested in things other than just test tube baby jokes and chemical explosions in the laboratory. Overworked and exhausted from five hour pracs, you will usually find the typical science student running on six cups of coffee a day partnered with Thai food for dinner after lab work and a few drinks with their cohort on a Friday night. Many students can be found examining the chemicals in everyday supplies and groceries, refusing to use artificial sweeteners as they contain chemicals which cause cancer and certain lip balms due to the fact that they contain chemicals which dry out the lips, deluding wearers that they’ll need more lip balm.

The Visual Arts Student

You will find that most Sydney College of the Arts students dress in a unique and quirky fashion complete with fringes dyed purple, blue or red. Though some can be found in the graffiti tunnel of USYD, adding to the existing graffiti, many will be repulsed by graffiti, refusing to acknowledge it as a form of art – debates will ensue. The visual arts student will be partnered with their portfolios, in fear that they’ll miss the chance to note down “inspiration” when there is “so much beauty in the world” seen through their rose-coloured glasses…and just in case that rare chance of a work opportunity comes up, turning around their fate of becoming a typical starving artist, bankrupt and broke.

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