The Student Look – The hottest trends around campus

Have we stepped back in time or is the world going mad? Students everywhere are saying goodbye to the modern life to embrace vintage jumpers, shoes, bags and accessories.

While it seems odd, it actually makes sense. A casual job at the local bakery doesn’t exactly afford Gucci and Prada. Strapped for cash students often can’t pay their electricity bill let alone go on a shopping spree for the latest fashion. So second hand shops such as Savers and The Salvation Army provide the perfect solution: clothes within a student’s salary.

It’s exam time across Australia and as students everywhere prepare to go into study hibernation, oversized vintage jumpers and cardigans (or cardies) are popping up everywhere. They’re versatile, offer the perfect amount of warmth in spring or windy summer days and are so comfortable that you could sleep in them and wakeup already dressed for study the next day (a perfect time saver, which is a must during exams). What’s more, they can cost you less than a coffee. Delicious!

Old glasses are an easy way to look smart and lets face it we could all do with a bit of Dutch courage around exam time. Grandpa glasses, or nerd specs, are those (once dorky) large framed prescription glasses that have had the lenses removed and sometimes even clear lenses inserted. Who would have thought that being four-eyed would ever be cool? You might call it the revenge of the nerds but wearing chunky frames is all the go at uni. These $2 accessory can make any outfit look super snazzy.

Nerd Specs are popular this summer

While Australians love nothing more than thongs (American students, please read: sandals), pixie boots and brogues are stomping into this season’s student fashion scene in a big way. These unisex leather shoes can be worn with jeans or shorts and also look amazing with lace socks and a floral dress (on the ladies any way). Shoes are also mega practical, allowing you to ride your bike to uni safely and fashionably. Amazing.

Moving away from leather shoes and onto leather bags, satchels are making a massive comeback this semester (and are sure to be all the rage next semester too). Their size makes them perfect for stuffing your books into and the leather makes them super strong so you’re not going to be madly scurrying for your possessions when the strap breaks. Satchels are unisex so you can ‘borrow’ one off your boyfriend/girlfriend, friend or even grandpa. I picked up mine for $8 and it’s been love ever since.

Fashion is all about displaying your personality through colour, fabric and style. What ever you choose to sport around university, parties or study sessions wear something you feel good in. A dash on confidence in the ugliest garment can create an à la mode fashion statement. The trend itself supports this.

Vintage clothes all started as a necessity rather than as a passion for fashion. Second hand clothes are cheap and students are poor. It was the perfect marriage. But now it’s all gone très chic. Vintage has made its way up to the big brands, who are all producing vintage-esque garments and selling them for a few extra digits. The good news? It shows students’ power and ability to be noticed. Students have set the trend and are now super fashionable despite having jumped the gun and bought vintage clothing while it was uncool and $2. The bad news? It means second hand stores are being flooded and it’s no longer easy peasy to find vintage treasures at your local op shop. In fact, Sportsgirl is raiding second hand shops and reselling old shoes and clothes for over $80. Furthermore, all you ‘individuals’ who thought you were making a statement against consumerism and wasteful fashion trends by opposing them and opting for vintage, opps it looks like you’re a sheep in a flock of fashion now.

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  1. pharmacon says:

    yay! campus fashion is being covered! my girlfriends and i have been wondering what to wear to uni next year for ages!

  2. Jchan says:

    ROFL @ the nerd specs. The AZN look is the way to go

  3. Candice says:

    Hi Pharmacon :)

    What to wear to uni really depends on what campus you go to. The above article was inspired by The University of Melbourne’s fashion scene. Once I made the mistake of wearing track suit pants to Melbourne Uni (NEVER again!). But I know that at some unis (like RMIT Bundoora) track suit pants are all the go!

    Each uni has its own culture, vibe and trends. You’ll be able to suss this all out during your first week :)

    Have fun!

  4. Essa says:

    Candice, well said. Every uni has its own culture. A vintage style bike like a Vanmoof No 6 would suit the vintage look of many students at one university, but students at another university may prefer the track pants look and mountain bikes. Despite differences in style, uni life is quite the same everywhere! A jumble of fun, stress and learning. So enjoy!

  5. pharmacon says:

    from my experience of going to university open days (unsw), everyone was so dressed up. i was hoping to rock up in trackies!

  6. Candice says:

    I know exactly what you mean Pharmacon. Melbourne University is very similar – it’s common to see girls is heels around campus! However, all universities have their own fashion dos and don’ts.

    Everyone seems to dress up for Open Days but if you really want to know what people wear to a particular university, take a stroll around campus on a regular day of the week – you could be surprised!

  7. NgPeavis says:

    that chick with the angelina jolie pout is hot

  8. Emmaaa says:

    Loving clogs and chunky shoes at the moment tooooo!! Vintage and leather is all the go!

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