Student Tales From The Toilet Walls

Sitting on a public toilet is not most people’s idea of a good time. But these germ ridden, sometimes stained and often unclean bacteria breeders provide a front row seat to the ultimate real life version of Gossip Girl. I can’t speak for the boys, but us girls tell all on these cubicle walls. Forget blogs and fancy digital technology, a toilet cubicle provides the ultimate environment to spill your guts (pun definitely not intended!). Unlike a blog, no one can peak at your screen to see what you’re typing, no Internet access is required, there is no annoying username or password to remember and most importantly it’s free. All you need is a pen and a lockable door and you’re good to go.

Uni toilets provide students with a rich source of entertainment, fun, a creative outlet and discussion board with fellow (but anonymous) students. Got some interesting news? What better way to voice it than to scrawl it along the walls that are exposed to thousands of others (try not to think about the germs).

This week, paramedics’ sirens screamed to The University of Melbourne after:

While at Sydney University students are supporting someone’s choice to get rid of her cheating scumbag of boyfriend and move on. Go girl!

Getting advice from girlfriends who share your pee seat (gross but true) is somehow liberalising, fun and – let’s face it – makes our time spent in these drab, high walled boxes a lot more interesting. I’m not condoning the grafting of private property (in other words, please don’t sue!), but uni culture does have an arty, slightly rebellious flair that is reflected well in university toilets. I’m not talking about your usual toilet graffiti that you see in those stenchy public toilets. You know the ones.  Their taps have been stolen, their toilet paper hasn’t been replaced in decades and bold text screams profanities and abuse as you try to hold the unlockable door shut with your foot and pee.

Don't worry, university toilets are a lot better than this

Uni toilets’ graffiti reflect common issues facing students – boyfriends, embracing your homosexuality, good bargains, sex, politics and even subject reviews. Students all experience similar torments and troubles, but sometimes it feels like you’re the only one in the world. A quick note on a toilet wall is likely to get the feedback and encouragement you need from others, just like you, to take action. “I think I’m in love with my best friend”, “Uni is harder than I thought L”, “I have a rash”, “I’ve never kissed a boy and am scared of my date on Saturday” and “Am I normal?” are all common themes scrawled across dunny doors. But it is not all Dr. Phil. Toilet cubicles are also a forum for politics, art and even academics.

Curious? Go on and take a peek. Once you’ve chosen the cleanest cubicle, closed the door and taken a seat you will be exposed to a different world. A world were anonymity is key, honestly is in full flight and the deepest darkest secrets are revealed.

So ladies, line the toilet seat with toilet-paper and treat yourself to a tale from the toilet walls.

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  1. Jchan says:

    Sounds like the blokes bathrooms differ heaps from the females. We mainly get graffiti of random words like ZARK or profanities.

  2. pharmacon says:

    at my high school toilets i’ve interrupted, started and finished many tic tac toe games!

  3. ELDON says:

    when you’re doing your business in the toilet, there is nothing more fun than adding haiku to the wall of mystery

  4. Candice says:

    SPILL YOUR GUTS: What is the most interesting thing you have ever read on a toilet wall?

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