4 Embarrassing Ways to Tell You Spend Too Much Time on Campus

Arts undergraduates may not appreciate this, but most students do not have the luxury of nine contact hours per week. With some days starting early in the morning with a lecture and ending late at night with a lab, the average student has no choice but to spend all their time on campus grounds.

Still, there are some people out there (you know who you are) who choose to stick around after all their classes finish. They might not admit it, but only out of fear of others discovering they have no social life.

No social life.

Let’s say, god forbid, you are one of these people. Or maybe you can imagine yourself becoming one of these people. If so, you should be aware that there some things that give your game away instantly, like:

You ask a girl out… for lunch on campus.

This is a big no-no anyway you look at it. Sure, it might seem convenient, but such a move definitely won’t score any points with her. The point of a first date should be that both parties learn something new about each other. That can’t happen if you’re in an environment that you share together every day, and that you’re probably sick of.

Not to mention, having to listen to a group of engineering students at the table next to you crack up jokes about ‘hard members’ is hardly romantic.

Beams are also called members? Truly a pot of comedic gold.

You order Dominos when you’re looking for something healthier than what is offered at your Uni canteen.

If you were to ask them, Universities would tell you that they try to cater for the tastes of all masses, while ensuring their food is healthy and fresh.

And I am Superman.

I may be too harsh. Admittedly, there is usually something healthy on the menu, like sandwiches and wraps. Instead of being affordable, such food is often overpriced and rarely fresh (if by fresh we mean made on premises. Sandwiches and other easily spoiled food are often imported from wholesalers).

Perhaps because students are ridiculously broke and with a mounting debt, the more unhealthy and often cheaper choices are popular.What food is this? Chips, spring rolls, meat pies, sausage rolls. All four are high in fat and calories. Good for your energy levels, bad for your heart. Unless your heart enjoys taking a beating from a dietary equivalent of Chuck Norris.

No wonder than that students often choose their nearest food place/supermarket when looking for food that is more affordable and (very rarely) more healthy. $4.95 traditional large pizzas from Dominos with an online coupon vs $3.60 for a small cup of chips? I think I know what I’d choose.

You engage in one too many extracurricular activities.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s great to be active. Staying fit and exercising can be a great way to de-stress.

Or, you could make a dart board out of Kyle Sandiland’s face. Hitting the eyes scores 50 points.

But, there comes a point when you’ve joined one too many clubs, one too many unions, attended one too many fairs, and spent one too many hours doing volunteering work for the University gardens.

Spending too much time on campus limits your chances of meeting other people. When you get a job, you will have to work with people from all over the world, younger and older than you. Team sports is a great example of an activity that is both fun and educational, as it forces you to work with others.

No matter where your interests and skills lie, there are opportunities out there. And though your campus may be convenient, don’t forget about the clubs located close to where you live.

You look forward to going to Uni. Or even worse, you fall in love with Uni.

There is a difference between enjoying what you study and enjoying attending University. You should like your course and enjoy the material, true, but you should not get too attached to the campus grounds.

You may have heard of those students who get so attached to the student lifestyle that they never leave. Students for life, they’re called. These people never get a job, and probably never leave their parent’s basement.

Your parent’s basement. Another place you shouldn’t invite a girl to.

By all means, have fun and enjoy your time at the tertiary institution of your choice. Never forget, though, that it is only a stepping stone for something bigger and better.

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