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When we think of University, we all conjure up images of sprawling grassy greens, huge trees, old buildings with centuries of history in each of them, and old professors walking around smoking pipes. Well, you wouldn’t be far off with UWA going by the stereotype. The school itself is a maze of buildings and gardens, full of local flora and fauna, with numerous lawns spread out around for students to enjoy and relax or study on. But of course not all of us are into nature, some don’t like the heat, others getting dirty sitting on the ground, and everybody hates flies. But that’s ok, there’s numerous other places for you to make the best of your uni days. The point I’m making is whatever your preference, be it indoors or outdoors, you can find a special part of UWA to call your own. Despite having a student body of around 20,000, the school is large enough for you to get lost in your own academic world. Not the loner type? Great, the cafes and Tavern will cater to your need for public attention, obviously try to avoid making friends in the library too loudly, you’ll just get irritated stares. UWA was founded in 1911 and being one year out of the centenary, the school has indeed become a site to behold. From the arts building with live peacocks wandering around making that ear piercing squawk, to the social sciences building with a full sized koi pond surrounded by Japanese garden, each faculty has it’s own unique vibe which rubs off on the students.

Students chilling out at UWA

When your new on campus, I would recommend having a quick walk around, get your bearings before you start class, find out where each class is, figure out which cafes you enjoy, and if you find campus food not up to your standards, walk around Nedlands to see what off campus offers are available to you. Doing a quick walking tour is great, but doing it with friends makes it that much more enjoyable. Like I said earlier, even though UWA has about 20,000+ students, this is a huge campus. With so much empty space, you can at times feel a little alienated when you walk around alone. The fact that it’ll take you a good 20 minutes to walk from one end to the other if you pass all the sites gives you a sense of scale. Of course your not going to do all that walking without stopping by to check out some of the classrooms, the food halls, and even some of the clubs and other facilities. Doing this with a friend or a couple of friends gives you the chance to take things at a more relaxed pace without getting bored or nervous in a new place. If you do get lost, it’s always better to look lost with a group of friends then alone, you can always discover cool new things lost together.

I would suggest starting at the North end, Winthrop Hall, the big bell tower you see when you come from Kings Park. From there, you can make your way past the athletics building which houses the gym and sports courts, making your way into the music faculty. After passing through the music building, you can go in any direction to find what you are specifically looking for. Throughout the campus offices, there are maps you can pickup for free which are great for first timers. I would also recommend using your phones GPS if you have that feature since even the map can sometimes get a little heavy with numerous things printed over each other.

UWA is a great walking campus, there’s plenty to see and discover and I highly recommend setting aside a few hours one day just to stroll around and see what UWA has to offer.

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